Monday, June 4, 2007

Free Rocky from Blogger prison!

On or about June 1, 2007, a marauding band of Blogger's spam-prevention robots raided Artsy Catsy's official blog and unjustly accused Rocky, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of operating a spam blog. Despite his innocence, they put a bag over his head, cuffed his paws so he can't post on his blog, and secreted him off to solitary confinement in AbuBloggerGhraib Prison. Not to be thwarted, CEO Rocky is publishing this underground blog from his cell, while he formulates escape plans and tries to avoid the horrors of having electrical wires attached to his long-gone hoo-hoos.

Rocky pleads for all sympathetic fellow cats to EMAIL BLOGGER in protest of their actions and to attest to his innocence as a spammer, and demand that he be unlocked from prison!!